Our Programs

Women and girls will have increased capacity to extricate themselves from violence if they are provided holistic services. AWSAD believes that the provision of holistic services through a core set services is a key factor to empower women and girls to exercise their power within.  This enables them to overcome the trauma of violence and begin the process of rebuilding their lives. It is the impact of a combination of different services that work together to increase their confidence and capacity to overcome the trauma of violence.

Safe House

The safe house service focuses on  providing holistic services for women/girls survivors of violence. The services includes provision of safe home, food, medication, counseling, basic literacy education, skill development, self defense trainings and   reintegrating survivors back to the society.

Training and Capacity Building

Focuses on enhancing the capacity of community and governmental institutions to provide  quality  services and  create supportive environment  for women and girls.

To strengthen primary school students and teachers capacity to create supportive environment for girl students.

Building the capacity of media personnel in reporting GBV cases.

Skill Development

Skill development project targets women with low or no income and survivors of violence that are residents of the safe house. The objective of providing skill training for the survivors in the safe house and economically disadvantaged women is to enable them generate their own income and be economically empowered.